Grading Division

Sellers Contracting Services offers services in site layout, demolition, grading, storm and sewer drainage, plumbing, concrete, curbing, paving, utilities, erosion control, and much more.

We perform site work for government, commercial, residential, industrial, and linear projects. Virtually every kind of large-scale or small-scale earth moving project lies within our technical and financial capabilities. Sellers Contracting Services knows how to provide quality site construction – safely, on-time, and within budget. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients so that you will feel comfortable using Sellers Contracting Services for your next site construction project. For projects such as a large retail center, our ability to quickly grade the site, ensure erosion control compliance, and guarantee proper safety measures, allows other key construction components to begin work on time and as planned.

Our hardworking labor force is closely supervised by an onsite Project Manager, Safety Manager, and Professional Engineer to ensure the project’s scope is delivered and finished safely. Our late model construction fleet utilizes the latest in technology. Technological advances, such as GPS, allow us to be more competitive in the current construction market. All equipment is owned and operated by Sellers Contracting Services.

Our employees are our greatest asset and we provide them with state of the art equipment to get the job done in a safe, efficient manner. We hold safety before production, and reward those who are able to maintain safety while achieving their production goals.

You can click on the links below to watch footage of our grading process.

Primary Piediatrics

Snow's Memorial

Concrete Curbing

Sellers Contracting has purchased a GT3600 curb machine which allows our skilled staff to assist you in all of your commercial concrete curbing needs.

Curbing applications can range from industrial applications, such as retaining curbs inside manufacturing plants, to retail applications, such as parking lot curbing, to commercial landscape projects.



Pipe Fusion

Pipe Fusion Machine

Sellers Contracting Services purchased a new McElroy Tracstar 618 fusion machine in December 2014. The Tracstar 618 will butt fuse pipe sizes from 6” IPS to 18” OD. The unit incorporates a track mounted interchangeable 618 four-jaw carriage, which can be easily removed for in-ditch fusion. For tight installations, the outer fixed jaw and skid can be removed from the carriage converting it to a 3-jaw carriage for an even more compact fusion unit. Our machine can fabricate segmented ells and is equipped with Trimble DataLogger that saves all the joint fusion data as well as the GPS coordinates of each joint. All of our pipe foreman are trained by a Certified McElroy Instructor and have fused pipe all within the 6″ to 18″ range.

Jack & Bore

Sellers Contracting Services operates a McLaughlin MCL-24B Auger Boring Machine. The MCL-24B is a case auger boring machine for 4″ – 24″ auger bores. Dual hydraulic rams offer a 42″ stroke and deliver 115,000 lbs of thrust. It is equipped with a high-torque air-cooled Deutz diesel engine. We have experienced and capable employees with over 40 years experience to operate this machine and have bored county roads and state highways.





Sellers Contracting will safely and efficiently tear down buildings and other man-made structures in order to get the property in perfect condition to build.  


Storm & Sewer Drainage

Our services include pipe line installation of sewer, domestic water and reclaimed water, fireline, and storm drainage systems.





In addition to leveling out the ground to provide a sturdy foundation for construction sites, we also use grading to direct the flow of runoff water. We use bulldozers and excavators to prepare the surface for leveling, then go in with a grader to achieve and even finish.  We make sure that their is a slope of at least 5% so water flows away from the structures.



All of our industrial plumbers are licensed and certified. 

Backflow installation, repair, and testing: Not only do we provide backflow installation services, we can regularly test for pressure, water quality, temperature, and turbidity, and make repairs when they are required.

SeeSnake pipeline inspection: Our equipment and specially made waterproof cameras allow us to visually inspect the sewer lines and piping underground for any problems.



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